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February 27th

  • Conferences!
    Conferences are just around the corner! A confirmation letter is going home this week to remind you when your conference is scheduled. We can not change the time or date of your conference, so please put it on your calendar and ask for time off if needed. It is important to attend conferences so we can be a strong team in your students' educational career.
    Thank you, Mrs. Clausen, Ms. Kelley, and Mrs. Vogelgesang

    Reader's Workshop
    The students have been learning about character traits. They have learned what traits are and have written examples of traits from their books. They've also written responses to their reading.
    Ask your student to tell you an example of a character trait!!

    Writer's Workshop
    During writing we are going to focus on another research project! Each student will write a digital information card using their iPad about the animal they chose to research.
    Ask your student what animal they chose to research!

    Math Workshop
    We have worked on fractions for the last couple of weeks. Please bake something with your student so they can practice using fractions in the real world. Our next unit is on geometry!
    Ask your student to draw a rectangle with 2/6 of it shaded.

    Specialist: Art, Gym and Chinese!
    Our prep teachers are on a six-day rotation. Here are the schedules for all three classes for the next few weeks:

    Mrs. Clausen's Class
    Week of Feb. 27th: Chinese, Art, Art, Gym, No School
    Week of March 6th: Gym, Chinese, Chinese, Art, Art
    Week of March 13th: Gym, Gym, Chinese, Chinese, Art

    Ms. Kelley's Class
    Week of Feb. 27th: Gym, Chinese, Chinese, Art, No School
    Week of March 6th: Art, Gym, Gym, Chinese, Chinese
    Week of March 13th: Art, Art, Gym, Gym, Chinese

    Mrs. Vogelgesang's Class
    Week of Feb. 27th: Art, Gym, Gym, Chinese, No School
    Week of March 6th: Chinese, Art, Art, Gym, Gym
    Week of March 13th: Chinese, Chinese, Art, Art, Gym

    Karl Mueller, an urban forester with St. Paul, is going to visit the class on March 8th! He'll talk about trees, the equipment needed/used to take care of them, as well as how we can stop the spread of harmful diseases.

    Art Residency: Northern Clay
    In connection with our unit of inquiry on endangered species, we are going to make clay animal sculptures with Northern Clay. The first two days of the residency will be spent molding the animals and really working with the clay. The third and final day will be spent painting the animals. It would be wonderful if each class could have two or three volunteers to help the students, especially the first two days. It's always tough for the students to turn the clay into the animal they're envisioning.                                                                                                                                                                
    If you would like to volunteer, please let your teacher know!

    Unit of Inquiry: Endangered Species
    Our rock books were great, but there is no rest for the students! We have started our new unit of inquiry on Endangered Species this week with our art residency with Angie from Northern Clay. Each student will research an animal, make a clay sculpture, make a digital information card, and create a diorama for their animal during spring break.

    Central Idea
    Actions contribute to loss.

    Lines of Inquiry
    Species that are currently endangered or extinct
    Our responsibility regarding endangered species
    How animals/plants become endangered/extinct

    Thank you!
    Thank you for your time. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call or email! 

    Mrs. Clausen, Ms. Kelley, & Mrs. Vogelgesang


Important Dates!

  • February 28th - March 2nd
    Northern Clay Residency
    Clausen 9:50a
    Kelley 11:50a
    Vogelgesang 2:15p

    March 3rd

    March 8th
    Urban Forester Vist 11:50a
    Officer Friendly Time TBD

    March 12th
    Daylight Savings:
    Spring AHEAD an hour!

    March 13th
    PTA Mtg 6p

    March 21st & 23rd
    Conferences 4:30p - 7:30p

    March 24th
    Conferences 7:30a - 11:30a

    March 29th
    PYP Exhibition (5th Grade presenters)

    April 3rd - 7th
    Spring Break

    April 10th
    PTA Mtg 6p