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What is ELL?

English as a second language is provided through collaboration between classroom teachers and ELL specialists.

Learners acquire English through participation with their classmates in age-appropriate, academic activities. English language instruction must be aligned with and integrated into grade-level curriculum, and differentiated to make content accessible to students at all levels.
In order to effectively teach language through academic content, classroom and ELL teachers work together.
Our belief in the benefits of collaborative instruction for ELLs has developed based on numerous factors.
  • Research suggests that the most successful ESL program models have students learning English in the mainstream classrooms.
  • Professional learning communities (PLC), or school environments where teachers learn and reflect together, have been shown to increase student achievement.

  • The number of English language learners in the Saint Paul Public Schools has changed dramatically in the past ten years. It is no longer practical to provide supplemental English language instruction in a pullout instructional model.

  • Students must be exposed and have access to mainstream curriculum and resources as soon as they arrive in the United States.