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The Pre-K Program at L’Etoile du Nord French Immersion School offers:

  • Two full-day classrooms with up to 20 students per class (1:10 adult-child ratio)
  • A full-time French-speaking teaching assistant in each class
  • French spoken in all classes
  • Technology-enriched instruction using 1:1 classroom iPads
  • SPPS “Discovering Our World” early childhood curriculum
  • Available Discovery Club childcare before 9:30 a.m. or after 4 p.m.

Learning French through song, dance, exploration and play

Students are immersed in the French language through fun songs and rhymes, movement and dance, daily read-alouds of French books, oral language games, and engaging playtime in a literacy-rich classroom environment. 

Learning through Play

Students learn social and academic skills while playing with peers during daily Active Learning time. Students can explore a variety of centers including: Reading, Listening, Writing, Math, Science, Art, Drama, Sensory, and Blocks.  

Small Group Instruction

As part of the SPPS “Discovering Our World” curriculum, students receive daily targeted smallgroup instruction to develop their literacy and math skills through hands-on activities. Students also use 1:1 iPads to create and document their learning. 

Creation and Imagination

Provided with open-ended activities, technology options, and various art and construction materials, students are encouraged to build, create, and imagine! Students cooperate with peers and use oral language to discuss their creations with each other.  

Daily Movement & Recess

Kids need to move! Movement and dance are integrated into our classroom routines and instruction. Students also exercise their bodies during gym play and daily outdoor recess.