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Science Tutoring

MCAs Science are coming on the first week of May. Students will be tested on the curriculum learned from 2nd grade.

I am offering once a week, Science Tutoring for 5th grade students. This will happen every Tuesday from 4:30 to 5:30pm FROM FEBRARY 24. During that period students will repeat some experiments that they did not understand in class, or read a book about what we are learning or have studied in the classroom. We will also do some assessment practices from other states. The students need to be enrolled to After School Program (EDL) for transportation or can also choose to pick up your child at 5:30 if he/she is not enrolled to EDL.  We will also do one-hour review on Fridays alternating each fifth grade class

Please download attached letter and return to Mme Bissoy if you would like to have your child attend tutoring.

Science Tutoring