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iPad Information

Get help with troubleshooting, learn about iPad features and apps students will use in SPPS, and find answers to your questions

App Support

Here are some helpful resources to help you learn more about the apps used in SPPS.

iPad Help

Families play an important role in helping their children learn how to use the iPad. We hope providing the following information will empower families to help their children and better understand how SPPS uses devices in classrooms.

Follow these steps to save and backup projects, photos and other content on your device.
Follow these steps to save and transfer your information.

Cybersecurity for Reminders Families

The safety and security of our students is our top priority, both physically and in the online environment. As digital systems continue to evolve and improve, our district also adapts to meet these new opportunities and challenges. Below are some of the security measures we currently have in place for student iPads, as well as information about how our staff help ensure that students are safe online. 

Digital Citizenship at Home

Digital Citizenship includes appropriate and responsible use of technology by staff and students and is an important expectation for security and data privacy in our 1:1 iPad environment.

In compliance with the federal Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) SPPS provides students with lessons on Digital Citizenship, Online Safety and Privacy, and Appropriate Online Behavior.

Saint Paul Public Schools partners with Common Sense Media to provide lessons on digital citizenship. Schools and teachers can earn Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship Certification after completing additional lessons and holding a parent outreach activity.

Did you know? September is Digital Citizenship Month in SPPS! Let’s start the school year strong by promoting digital citizenship.

Internet Access at Home

Reliable at-home internet is important to continue school work outside the classroom and in the event of e-learning or inclement weather school closures. SPPS is committed to providing internet connectivity support options for students and families in need. At-home internet connectivity support includes:

  • A limited quantity of Comcast Internet Essentials codes is available for eligible families. The Comcast Internet Essentials program is the preferred and most reliable option for families in need of home internet connectivity. Please contact your student’s school for more information.
  • For students and families experiencing homelessness, SPPS school counselors have hotspots available for checkout. Please contact your child’s school for assistance.
  • Project REACH is also able to provide hotspots to students and families experiencing homelessness or other issues as needed. Project REACH is an SPPS shelter and street-based program that promotes school stability and academic success for PreK and school-age children in temporary housing situations. For more information, call 651-231-0404.
  • Affordable Connectivity Program The Affordable Connectivity Program is an FCC benefit program that helps ensure that households can afford the broadband they need for work, school, healthcare and more.