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At Open House you will recieve a welcome letter that will give you an overview of our year.

For ongoing updates throughout the year, please check your Schoology account. You will log in using your guardian number (g######) and password. If you forgot your password, you can reset it here. If you do not know your guardian number, please contact the school office to obtain it.

On Schoology you can...

  • check your child's grades and work completion for each subject.
  • see the results of all tests and quizzes we complete in class.
  • get updates about our current projects and units of study.

 Your student can also log in to their Schoology account using their student number (s######) and password. They may know their student number as their "lunch number" or their "iPad code". Please contact me for your child's password. Please do not have your student complete any work on Schoology while at home unless instructed to do so (activities and assignments on Schoology are generally meant to be completed at school).